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Are you away on vacation or spending your winters in a warmer climate?  Do you prefer to make payments electronically rather than writing paper checks? 

If so, you can now send your  tithes, offerings, and other donations to Cornerstone electronically…just click on the appropriate “Donate” icon at the bottom of this page.

For this, we are using the services of PayPal, one of the most trusted financial companies on the Internet with more than 100 million active users. (Go to for more information)

With PayPal you can make a one time donation or set it up to be automatically recurring on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  If you already have a PayPal account or create one, you are able to securely link your bank, debit card, or credit card for your donation.  However if prefer not to set up an account with PayPal you can still use a debit or credit card.

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