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2021 Mother’s Day at Cornerstone Christian Church
Sunday at 10:30 AM we will worship and give praise to Jesus Christ.  And we will give honor and give thanks and encouragement to a group who deserves to be honored….MOTHERS!

Last year there were only 3 moms in the building because of Covid. This year I hope 20 to 25 times that many even if is raining!!
We continue the sermon series, “In the I of the Storm”  The Rain/Rainbow of being a Mother.  Read Luke Chapters 1 and 2 and see how Mary raised Jesus in a terrible culture. 

A Personal note: I love and respect Mothers.  You have the toughest job in the world, the most frustrating disappointing and heart breaking job in the world, the worst paying job ($) in the world, and yet you are a hero and very rich because you make a difference in your children’s lives and that lives on forever.

I know Mother’s Day is a complex holiday.  I’m aware that Mother’s Day is a difficult time for some of you. Maybe you want to be a mother but you can’t be for some reason. Perhaps some of you have not had the best mother. Some of your mothers have died. Some mothers have lost a child to death. Some of you mothers feel the pain of a wayward child. Some of you are flying solo as you work hard to provide and nurture your child’s faith.

So we want to encourage you, pray for you, be here for you. The hand that rocks the cradle is getting tired and we need to help you.
So if your mother is alive, make sure you contact them. Mothers Day is important to Mothers!
And if your mother has passed, my Mother died in 1992, talk about some memories you had of her. Here’s a poem for you.
“Tender hands that rocked my cradle, led me when I learned to walk
Hands that held me close to listen, when she taught me how to talk
Hands that fixed my clothes all tidy, when she’d send me of to school
There to learn to more useful and she said, “Mind the rule.”
Hands that held by throbbing forehead, when I laid in fever’s pain
I responded to the treatment, like the flowers refreshed by rain.
Hands forever pointing me upward, showing me the road that’s right
Telling me to face life’s battles, and be true in every fight.
Though her hands are snarled and wrinkled with the years of toil and care
Yet to one who knows their secrets, they are hands so lovely and fair
When my life on earth is ended, and I cross to better lands
Next to HIM who wears the nail prints, I will see my Mother’s hands.”
The best thing you can do for your Mother is???
The best thing a Mother can do for her children??
See you Sunday at 10:30 and find out??? 
To all Mothers….Happy Mother’s Day!!

PS  Be a good reader!  Read the bulletin about upcoming events, life groups and other dates.



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